One Pearl Bank review – Near to SGH. In a redevelopment that is meant to span 20 years, Singapore General Hospital campus (SGH), the biggest health hub in Singapore, is expected to undergo a major facelift in order to cater to the growing healthcare needs of the population. The SGH campus is home to various specialty centers which include dental, neuroscience, eye, cancer, and heart. Besides that, SingHealth DukeNUS Academic Center and the SingHealth Polyclinic are also found here. One Pearl Bank review SGH is the latest residential development in the area.

Sharing the masterplan of this new redevelopment, Lee Hsien Loong who is the prime minister said that this healthcare hub will be dedicated to education, research, and patient care. The masterplan indicates that the campus’ current capacity will expand from enhanced land use. After the completion of this redevelopment, almost 60 percent of the SGH campus will consist of patient care as well as other facilities that are related to healthcare. The remaining percentage will be dedicated to education and research.  Investors of One Pearl Bank SGH can expect good tenancy from the workforce in the healthcare industry.

According to the master plan, SGH’s main complex will be developed during the second phase, right after the completion of the first phase. There is also a provision which has been made for the creation of a new research park in order to enhance collaborations with various partners in the industry and promote biomedical research.

The masterplan indicates that the first phase of the project will take more than 10 years. This will feature the development of a new Outram community hospital with an expected 550-bed capacity. Furthermore, other developments or relocation options include the SGH Elective Care Center, SGH Accident & Emergency Block (A&E), the new National Cancer Center, and National_ Dental Center Singapore. Note that SGH is a flagship hospital of SingHealth. So, the redevelopment means that it is going to be relocated in a place that’s closer to the public transport networks. SGH will be situated between the cross junction of EU Tong Sen Street and the Outram Road.

SingHealth’s group chief Executive Ivy Ng said in a statement that the masterplan was developed after an in-depth consultation with the Ministry of Health. It, therefore, caters to current healthcare needs as well as those that are anticipated to come up in the future. Ivy Ng went on to further say that while there is the need to increase capacity as a result of the increasing numbers of patients, the masterplan isn’t just about increasing the capacity. Its concept looks further with plans to formulate healthcare models which cater to the different patient needs while offering affordability, safety, and accessibility.

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