The Thomson-East Coast Line is a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line in Singapore of medium capacity. After the North South, East West and other lines, it is the sixth line being constructed in the country.One Pearl Bank Outram is located within minutes walk to Outram Station, which is 1 of the interchange stations.

Though the line was planned initially in 2001, actual work has started only a few years ago. The line was formed after the merger of the Thomson Line and the Eastern regional line. Construction on this line started on August 15, 2014 and it is expected to be completed in the year 2025. The line starts at Woodlands North and ends at Garden by the Bay. The estimated cost of the project is Singapore $18 billion. The line will have interchanges with all the other five existing lines in Singapore, so that customers can reach their destination quickly. One Pearl Bank is located within minutes walk to Outram Station, which is 1 of the interchange stations.

When ready the line will be managed by SMRT Trains, which also manages other lines in Singapore like the North-South, Circle and East-West lines. The entire line will be constructed underground. One of the unique features of the line is that it will be a completely automated and driver less line. The total length of the length is approximately 43 kilometers. 32 railway stations are being planned on the line with Woodland, Aug Mo Ko, Bihan, Thomson, Outram, Orchard Road, Marine Parade, Kallang and Upper East Coast being the major stations. This allows the residents of the area to reach the closest railway station quickly. One Pearl Bank will be located near to Outram MRT Station on the Thomson East Coast Line as well as other MRT Station. The development is by Capitaland.

Approximately 500,000 commuters are expected to use the MRT line daily when it is ready initially in 2025. Later the number of users is likely to increase to one million daily. It is one of the first MRT lines which is developed to only accept cashless payment from users. The line is expected to be connected to the rapid transit line in 2024 at Upper Woodland, which allows the users to seamlessly travel to Malaysia. Underground depots are planned at Mandai and on the East Coast. The construction of the line will be completed in five stages, and each stage will take approximately one year to be completed.

The MRT line is using the latest technology to ensure that users can reach their destination quickly and safely. The line is electrified at a voltage of 750 V DC. The track is of standard gauge and the speed for the line is expected to be 90 kilometers per hour. The line is using Automatic Train Control and Automatic Train Operation systems which are supplied by Alsthom.The Iconis system is used for Automating the supervision of trains to schedule the trains, and track them to ensure that they are on schedule. The platform doors for the trains will also be supplied by Alsthom.

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