One Pearl Bank Launch date – Coming soon

A beacon comprising two curved towers linked at the roof by sky bridges will replace the Pearl Bank Apartments landmark in Pearl Hill, Outram. One Pearl Bank launch date coming soon. 

Even as some members of the public come to terms with that the new design, with its “clear and simple form”, ensures the continuity of a distinct punctuator on Pearl Hill, said its architect, Dr Christopher Lee, in an interview with The Straits Times.

“A high-rise tower is the only option and outcome for such a tight, high-density plot,” said Dr Lee, 47, co-founder and principal of Serie Architects, which is based in London.

He noted that the tradition of punctuating an elevated ground goes back centuries. He cited the example of 10th century Chinese painter Li Cheng’s masterpiece which depicts a solitary temple, perched on a hill and surrounded by a monumental mountain landscape.

The upcoming structure, which will house 774 residential apartments – almost triple the original 288 units – has a plot ratio of 8:1.

The 39-storey condominium, to be ready by 2023, will be called One Pearl Bank. It is a 99-year leasehold property. Standing at 178m, and nestled on top of Pearl’s Hill, it will be the tallest residential development in the Outram-Chinatown district, outstripping the Pinnacle @ Duxton which stands at 156m.

Pearl Bank’s apartment units were designed with split levels, while the building’s unique C-shape was meant to represent community, with the common corridor exposed for everyone to mix and interact with one another. Public opinion has been mixed on Pearl Bank’s significance.

Dr Lee said his design does not reference Pearl Bank. “We didn’t want it to look like it, but be like it in terms of capturing and continuing the spirit of innovation and progressiveness of how we approach and think of city living in the 21st century.”



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